BlackDiamond Round-Top Squeegee - 1 Dozen (12 pieces) Soft


BlackDiamond is a high quality soft or hard squeegee rubber replacement and has been a popular choice for professional window cleaners throughout the world for the last 15 years. 

Round top is avaliable in both soft and hard. Soft is the most sold rubber and can be used almost all year round except from those working in extreme high temperature areas above 25 degrees. The majority of rubber sold in North America is soft.

Ready cut or Cut-to-Size Replacement Rubber features professional-grade, natural-molded, double-sided rubber construction to help provide streak-free results.

The secret of making a good rubber is in the choice of the highest quality of raw materials and knowledge of of mixing monomers to give the perfect product.

The essential heart of the system, a razor sharp square edge, supple, smooth, consistent which leaves glass  perfectly clean and streak free.